WATCH: Arrested and charged with abduction and rape of Italian woman in Pembroke

A Nigerian and a man from Burkina Faso have been arraigned in Court and accused of having raped an Italian woman in Pembroke after allegedly abducting her. The woman was hospitalised and received treatment. Emmanuel Makuochukwu Ngmezi, a 34-year-old Nigerian and Seydou Bandaogo, 36-years-old from Burkina Faso were arraigned in Court in the early afternoon and accused of having raped the 30-year-old Italian woman who is resident in Malta.

This morning just before dawn, the St Julian’s Police Station received a report that a woman had been abducted in the St George’s Bay area in St Julian’s. Prosecuting Officer, Police Inspector Trevor Micallef, said that preliminary investigations established that after taking a swim in the bay the woman was abducted in a car and taken to Pembroke. With the help of witnesses the car used by the two men was identified and Police and Rapid Intervention officials began a search in the Pembroke area.

Near the Pembroke football ground and the reverse osmosis plant, Police identified a vehicle that fitted the description they had been given. A man was strolling beside the car but when he saw Police approaching he ran off and was apprehended shortly after. Another man and a woman were in the car and while the Police arrested the man an ambulance was called to take the woman to hospital where she alleged she had been raped.

The version of events given by Emmanuel and Seydou who pleaded they were not guilty contradicted each other. They alleged the girl had gone off with another man that same night and that she was drunk. Magistrate Ian Farrugia said the Court will appoint experts to verify the facts. On a request made by the Prosecution the woman’s name was withheld from publication so as to protect her dignity.

The two men remain under Police arrest while the Italian woman who resides and works in Malta is helping with Police investigations.