Two hundred years in pictures – Malta like you have never seen it before

The camera lens has provided photographers with a useful tool over the years, with photos that are testament to the passage of history. Professional photographer Kevin Casha has carried out research on two hundred years of photography in a publication that contains photographs showcasing Malta 150 years ago. The Royal Photographic Society of London has officially recognised Casha’s publication ‘Photography in Malta’.

Photography in Malta – The History and The Protagonists, contains about 500 old photographs that give a clear indication of how the art of photography developed from 1840 to the year 2,000, when the digital age began. Author, teacher and photographer Kevin Casha spent almost 7 years researching and gathering information and selecting photos.

” I tried to make a huge effort because it includes stories and names of photographers that would otherwise have been lost over time on because little was written about them and on Maltese photographers and their photography, so I tried to go a little deeper. ”

Photography developed in the mid-nineteenth century and quickly became instrumental in creating memories for generations to come. Mr Casha says that for every photographer documentation and research is all important – each photo tells a story.

” Since I put forward the story of Maltese photographers, even internationally, this gave me the advantage of presenting the book to the Royal Photographic Society of London which is one of the most prestigious Societies, where they are have this scheme and see what research you have done. They look closely at the work you have done and if the research is of a certain level you get the Fellowship Award, which is the top award – a research fellowship . ”

The photographs are unique in the way they capture particular episodes from Maltese life, folklore, crafts and traditions. Like wedding dresses, worn by brides which at the time were black and over time changed to white. The photographs also show how the landscape has changed over time and the buildings that have shaped Maltese architectural history. Casha gathered a lot of information including references so that other researchers could further develop on the research he carried out, succeeding in creating an English-language research publication that was awarded recognition abroad.