Two men admit to stealing food from supermarket – lawyer says they were hungry

Two men have been arraigned in court and charged with the theft of food from a supermarket, with their lawyer stating they had done so because they were hungry.

Mario Campolo and Mario Mifsud, both aged 48, admitted when arraigned in Court, Magistrate Rachel Montebello presiding, that they had carried out the theft from a Marsascala supermarket.

Inspector Clayton Camilleri explained that both men had been caught on CCTV cameras.

Lawyer Daniel Attard stated that both men had carried out the theft because they were hungry, mentioning that Campolo had a drug habit and Mifsud suffered from a disability.

Both the Prosecution and Defence agreed that both the men needed help.

Magistrate Montebello will deliver sentence tomorrow, Thursday. Meanwhile, both accused have been remanded in custody.