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Two men with a disability happy to be employed after losing heart that they would ever find jobs

Veronica and Rita are two mothers whose children have a disability who had given up hope that their offspring would ever enter the workforce. However, with the help of the Lino Spiteri Foundation, this dream became a reality for their sons, Bjorn and  Luke Christopher, respectively.

Bjorn Tabone is 30 years old. He has been working with a company in the catering industry for almost a year. He explained that he is always eager for morning to come so that he can wake up and go to work. “My job is to affix stickers. I start at 8am and finish at 1pm and I am very happy.”

His mother Veronica is happy that her son is finally in employment. “When I see him go off to work every morning, never missing a day’s work, and I see that he is now in contact with other people like everyone else, that makes me happy. He has loads of friends. I cannot put it into words. This is very huge for us that he has managed to get to this point.”

Luke Christopher Allen, 23, is also at the top of the world to have finally found the type of work he has always wanted. “I do like it. I do a lot of reconcilation and I put some stuff about cashcoins in the laptop.”

He mother Rita says that the family is now reaping the fruit from how they raised their son. “I am so pleased and feel that all the work we did with him over the years since he was born, has at least given us this good result.”

This has all been made possible through the training and dedication provided by the staff at the Lino Spiteri Foundation, who have managed to bring out the capabilities of Bjorn and Luke and have opened doors for them to become employed.  The CEO of the Foundation, Esmeralda Micallef Zerafa, explains:

“There was this mentality that this is some form of charity and that we need to feel sorry for people. Gradually, we are introducing the idea that this is not the case. If we refer someone to a place of work, it is because the person knows what they have to do and has been trained,” she points out.

The Lino Spiteri Foundation works hand in hand with JobsPlus to continue helping companies overcome any obstacles they may have so that they will employ more people with disability. This is done through the funds collected from companies as a contribution for not employing people with a disability according to their legal obligations.

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