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Two out of 16 quarries are accepting construction waste

Following the agreement reached between the Government and quarry owners last weekend, two quarries are now accepting construction waste. This was confirmed by the President of the Developers Association, Sandro Chetcuti, during an interview on Ras imb ras programme.

Mr Chetcuti said that the price of £8 for every ton “is good, however we have solved nothing…we have to work more to bring along more quarries and I am confident that in the coming weeks there may be two or three other quarries which start receiving waste”. Mr Chetcuti insisted that “it is not a question of saying there are 16 quarries which may receive waste…each quarry has its story”.

Regarding land reclamation, Sandro Chetcuti said that MDA is not eager on development at sea, however they do not object if reclamation is done where it is environmentally acceptable and if this solves issues, such as space for waste dumping. “Artificial reefs may be created as tourist attractions; projects for the national wealth such as hotels of the bungalow type…. MDA is not in favour that projects of apartment buildings are built at sea and opportunities are provided for speculation”.

On the environmental impact of the use of construction waste for land reclamation, Mr Chetcuti said that everything leaves an environmental impact, wherever there is buildin, even in road building.

Asked what he can accept in the Government new plans for the agreement with Corinthia on the St Julian’s land, Mr Chetcuti said that “the Government is currently discussing with us; is looking into our criticism on certain issues…I don’t think I may divulge what is being discussed with the Government”. MDA interest, he added, is that each agreement on public land respects national interest.

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