Current Affairs
Two theatrical productions with a historic aspect of past events

Two productions at a single evening, performed by the Toi Toi educational programme at the Manoel Theatre, will provide a historical overview of past events.

“A Step Forward” is the theme of the theatrical production which explores human behaviour.

Young director Neil Grima said that the two productions, “A Step to the Left” and “Forward to the Right” relate to topical subjects, including the treatment of people who struggle for what is just in a fast moving and challenging world.

Actor Clayton Mallia said that despite that the productions are based on past events, these are still relevant because they look at historic events that made a difference to humanity.

“A Step to the Left” is inspired by Greenham women’s protest in the 1980s, while “Forward to the Right” is based on Joan of Arc’s story…” The Joan of Arc play, written by Canadian author A. Green, made its debut at a prestigious one-act festival at Ontario in Canada.

The two productions, with a cast young promising actors, will be performed at Manoel Theatre’s studio theatre at the end of August.