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UPDATED: Two-year sentences for trying to get away from Malta

Ten migrants have each been handed down two-year sentences after admitting to trying to escape from Malta – and another two received eighteen-month sentences.

25-year-old Abdul Azeem Salah Hassan and 19-year-old Osam Madamedin Bos, who both live at the  Ħal Far centre, were apprehended at the Virtu Ferries Terminal. They both admitted to the charges.

In a separate sitting, 22-year-old Sufian Mohamed Afakeh and 32-year-old Ahmed Mohammed, who also live at the Ħal Far centre, admitted to acquiring false Swiss passports. Both were apprehended when trying to leave Malta by sea.

The prosecution was conducted by Inspector Darren Buhagiar, who stated that both men are related to each other and had purchased the passports in Ħamrun.

And in another sitting, three migrants from Eritrea were also each handed down two-year sentences. One is a 16-year-old minor who was accompanied in the Courtroom by an AWAS social worker.

35-year-old Andom Tiswa Silati, 18-year-old Lawru Adam and 16-year-old Natum Obahnnes were apprehended at Malta International Airport when they presented documents belonging to other refugees and issued in Malta.

Inspector Hubert Gerada stated that Natum came to Malta on 17 July by boat, and got away from the Marsa open centre to plan his escape from Malta with a false document, although he is only 16 years old.

The Court, Magistrate Astrid May Grima presiding, handed down two-year sentences to each of the four Sudanese and to the three Eritrean migrants – the maximum penalty at law.

Three of the other five migrants – Four Sudanese and a Chadian – also received two-year sentences, and the other two were each handed down 18-month sentences.

It was stated in Court that this group of migrants were apprehended by Port Police, concealed in a container and preparing to escape from Malta.



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