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Two youths accused with Gaffarena murder to stand trial

The two 18-year old youths, accused with the murder of Saviour Gaffarena and the attempted murder of his cousin Vincent Gaffarena last month, will stand trial.

The decision was taken by Magistrate Nadine Lia who said in a decree that there is enough evidence for the youths to be indicted.

Last week, the defence requested the Court to release the two accused from the charges, alleging that the evidence presented by the prosecution was against the law. The defence arguments were rejected by the Court.

Following the latest decision, the Court was also requested to decide on the request for the release of Leon Debono and Owen Schembri from custody and that they should not be held under custody at the Corradino Corrective Facility but at the Imtaħleb facility.

The case is expected to resume next month.

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