Tyto and Alba: barn owl project aimed at reproducing and releasing species in the wild

Tyto and Alba are the first pair of barn owls which will see the launch of a project on the initiative of the Federation of Conservationist Trappers (FKNK) with the aim of reproducing this species and releasing it in the wild.

When the barn owl come together as a couple, they usually stay together for life, where they often use the same nest and each season perform the namur rituals.

Il-barbaġann femminili Alba (fuq) u seħibha Tyto (isfel)

Tyto and Alba, whose name comes from the scientific name of the species, will be kept in a vault in Buskett, with Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia announcing that security on the farm will be increased through investment in security cameras.

He said this investment will ensure not only that the farm and poultry are protected, but also make the area in Buskett safer and prevent crimes and incidents such as dumping, theft, fire and vandalism.

Project coordinator, Lucas Micallef, said that this was an important step toward our country’s biodiversity, where with the help of filmati diretti Tyto and Alba, the public can
observe their behaviour, in the hope that there will be offspring, so that the barn owl can return to the wild again.

During a visit to the Donkey Farm in Buskett, a site administered by the FKNK, the Minister participated in an activity to plant various native trees, including locust and fir, collected at Buskett.

The barn owl project is supported by the Wild Bird Voluntary Conservation Fund.