U.K.: Campaign to label added sugar in food

In the United Kingdom a campaign is underway to identify that added sugar is listed on food products labels. The campaign is aimed for the consumer to be advised on which products are better for health and to avoid obesity.

The campaign started after Cambridge University scientists developed a test that distinguishes natural sugar in food and added sugar with food. If the food doesn’t contain a high level of added sugar, the product can be marked as added ‘Sugarwise’ on the label.

The idea for the test came from a mother, Rend Platings, who when searching for the best good for her baby she found that babies food was full of sugar.

Last year the scientific committee, which advises the British government on nutrition, recommended that from calories that a person consumes in a day, up to 5% only have added sugar in food. Dr Tom Simmonds, one of the researchers who worked to develop the test, said that the majority of people consume far more added sugar with food than the recommended amount. He added that with the test development and the marked labels, scientists are hoping that the consumer will be aware of taking wiser decisions for his health.

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