U.S.: Leukemia girl “marries” her favourite nurse

In the United States, a four-year old girl who is under treatment for Leukemia had her wish come true when a ceremony was held so that she could “marry” her favourite nurse.

Abby, who for the past year was treated at Melodies Center for Childhood Cancer in New York, wished to marry her favourite nurse, Matt Hickling.  Her wish was accepted when the nurses taking care of her organized a ceremony, some of them as bridesmaids, a cake, a toy car with a ‘just married’ note, and one of them performing the marriage rites instead of a celebrant.

Although at first she looked shy, Abby asked the important “will you marry me?” to the nurse.  Matt replied: “Yes I marry you, and will you accept me as your husband?”.  The ceremony ended with a big hug and with rings of sweets.

Nurses and doctors taking part said that they hope  these memorable moments will give courage to Abby throughout her treatment although her battle against Leukemia will take another one and a half years.




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