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U.S. Supreme Court declares anti-abortion law unconstitutional

The American Supreme Court has declared as unconstitutional a legislation in Louisiana state which imposed restrictions on abortion.

In the historic decision, Chief Justice John Roberts joined other liberal Judges who, with a vote of 5 in favour and four against, declared that the legislation places an unnecessary burden on women and therefore it is unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court sentence undermines the campaign of anti-abortion groups. The Court had decided against a similar legislation imposed by the state of Texas in 2016.

It is the first case on which a sentence was given by the U.S. Supreme Court
during Donald Trump’s presidency.

The Louisiana legislation approved in 2014 had imposed the amount of abortions by obliging doctors, carrying out an abortion, that they should work no further than 48 kilometres away from a hospital.

While the state had argued that it approved this law to protect women’s health, critics said that it is very rare that a women undergoes complications following an abortion. They stated that many hospitals in the region are affiliated to religion or with conservatives, and do not permit abortions in their facilities. This had greatly limited the number of doctors who could carry out the abortion procedure.