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Vatican Official in Malta urges more people to carry out missionary work

Throughout this month the Church’s Missio Office has been committed and aimed at commemorating Mission Day, tomorrow, Sunday, 24th October, as well as to create greatest awareness of the Church’s missionary works through 120 offices throughout the world. The Day also links collectively the aid given to missions and so badly needed.

These efforts contribute so that persons in mission areas are given the help they so badly want to enable a better quality of life and to be successful in their mission and thus the theme “Mission Int” has been chosen.

The Office Head of Communications, Robert Farrugia, said the scope is to make missionary work more sustainable. He said the slogan ‘il-Missio Int’ has been chosen is that besides the actual volunteer, the whole population are also contributing through their generosity and therefore the Day should be commemorated by all.

Missio takes care of 120 projects in three continents but this year great focus is being concentrated on Cambodia where a centre is being built to care for those who unfortunately stepped on landmines with many still hidden in the ground and the explosions causing amputations.

In Cambodia, Bishop Kike is gathering people including children and youths that have had the misfortune to be injured or disabled because of landmines and through this centre they are being helped to cope, are given schooling and trained in skills for them to integrate in society. Through the work of Bishop Kike many have been able to return to employment and one of them, Chen, who can be seen in the video, will be teaching IT technology.

The Missio Office has 120 offices The Vatican has spread around the world and these collaborate in scores of projects to help those most in need.

Throughout the month the Missio Office has launched scores of activities including in schools to make children more aware of the missionary spirit to help other people who are in need.