UĦM: Covid-19 measures too little, too late, weak with the strong and strong with the weak

The UĦM (Voice of the Workers) welcomed the government’s decision to beef up the fight against COVID-19 but said that it felt the measures were weak and should have been taken earlier.

It pointed out that the present situation was far worse than it was a year ago and that these measures were not as strict as those of last year. It said the government should ensure that history did not repeat itself and that telework employees are not discriminated against as they were last year when they were not given allowances due to them.

The Association of Food Establishments said the announced measures did not strike a balance between lives and livelihoods and did not address the real problem of enforcement.

The Association said that due to lack of enforcement, once again its members would pay the price again because the health authorities attacked small businesses instead of the bullies.