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UK: Family to take NHS to court over legal dispute concerning brain-damaged child

Tafida Raqeeb is 5 years old and is on life-support because she suffers from a rare condition that has caused brain damage.

The case has sparked controversy with the parents of the little girl wanting to take her to Italy for further treatment and the National Health Service (NHS) disagreeing with the decision and refusing to allow the girl’s release.

Shelina Begum and Mohammed Raqeeb shall be taking the NHS Court after the latter did not allow them to take their daughter for treatment in Italy.

The Royal London Hospital said it did not agree with the parents since this was not in the child’s best interest.

The Court is expected to decide what is really in the girl’s best interest and whether she can be moved without causing further damage.

In England and Wales, the law states that parents are responsible for their children including anything relating to their medical treatment. But the law is not always applied as in the case of Tafida who is clearly caught in the middle of a legal dispute between her parents and the hospital.

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