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UK general election campaign officially begins

The official election campaign has started in the United Kingdom for the general election to be held on Thursday 12 December. In the opinion polls carried out by YouGov, the Conservatives have lost two percentage points giving them an 11% advantage over the Labour Party.  The Liberal Democrats registered the third highest percentages followed by the Brexit Party.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson went to Buckingham Palace for a private audience with Queen Elizabeth II to ask for Parliament to be dissolved in order for the elections to be held.

In a press conference from Downing Street, Johnson said that if the people elect him the stagnation reigning in Parliament will end and he will get Brexit done.

”Come with us, get Brexit done and take this country forward or – this is the alternative next year – spend the whole of 2020 in a horror show of yet more dither and delay.”

The Conservative leader said that with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn leading what he described as a coalition of different colours, the people could face another two referenda.

The first day of the campaign was not all rosy for Johnson as he received a letter of resignation from the Minister for Wales, Alun Cairns.

Cairns resigned after he was implicated by not telling the truth following the case of his former assistant who tried to sabotage a pending rape trial.

The other parties meanwhile also launched their campaigns around the UK.

At the University of  Wolverhampton in Telford,  Jeremy Corbyn said that they will carry out a real change and share the power and prosperity with the people who do not have access to people in high positions. Questioned about the fact that according to the polls, the Labour Party is lagging behind the Conservatives, Corbyn referred to what happened two years ago.

”In the 2017 election, there were queues of experts in TV studios and radio studios and so on, lining up at the beginning of the campaign to write off the Labour Party. What happened then?”

The Greens said that there are themes which are bigger than Brexit, with reference to the action required on climate change while the Liberals are campaigning to stop Brexit from happening. The Leader of the Brexit party Nigel Farage was critical of the deal which Johnson has managed to obtain from the EU and added that his party is more than simply a Brexit party and once the EU leaves the European Union,  he promises to carry out various necessary reforms.