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UK “jumps the queue” in trade agreement with the United States

From being in last place, the UK has now ended up at the head of the queue to negotiate a trade agreement with the Untied States.

This was announced during a meeting between the Chairman of the US Senate Committee for Foreign Affairs, Bob Corker, and the British Secretary for Foreign Affairs,  Boris Johnson.

President Barack Obama last April had warned that if the UK votes to leave the EU, the country would be at the back of the queue to negotiate a trade agreement with the US.

However, wth Donald Trump’s victory, it appears that the UK’s prospects for this agreement have changed and this is expected to be crucial in the eventuality that the country loses its free market benefits with the EU because of Brexit.

Corker said that Johnson knows fully well that there is no way that the UK will be in the back seat when it comes to a trade agreement with the US, and for the US, the priority will be not only for this agreement to be concluded, but for the two countries to continue doing business in other areas in a way which reflects their long years of friendship. He said he was sure that Trump agrees with him on this.

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