UK: People can hug but they still cannot travel to where they want to
British PM Boris Johnson has warned the public to avoid going on holiday to countries which are on the amber list.

He was speaking after the Minister told people that they can go to those countries if they go into quarantine on their return.

Boris Johnson said that the countries which are on the amber list are not the countries one should go to for a holiday. Only those who have no choice or who have an urgent need to do so, should travel to these countries.

Last Saturday, Boris Johnson said that for now, the UK will not be adding countries to the green list, which is the list of countries for which British tourists do not need to quarantine on their return home.

On 7 May, Malta was left out of the green list.  The list of 12 countries includes Portugal, Gibralter,  Israel, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Iceland, the Falkland Islands,  the Faroe Islands, South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands, St Helena, Tristan de Cunha and Ascension Island.

In its reaction, the MHRA had expressed its surprise that Malta was left out of the green list and was instead placed on the amber list of countries which pose a medium risk.

On Monday, the UK began lifting some of its Covid-19 measures .Restaruants and pubs can serve people indoors, visits to each other’s homes is allowed with a limited number of people, while hugging is also allowed again. Despite this, PM Johnson has appealed for caution, especially in the light of the Indian variant which he admitted is of concern.