UK registers 1,564 deaths of people with Covid-19 – highest number of deaths in one day

Vaccination campaigns and mass testing have continued in various countries around the world. Meanwhile, in the UK, the emergency hospital Nightingale has started to admit patients, and a record number of deaths from Covid-19 were registered yesterday.

The UK registered 1,564 deaths in one day – the highest number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. The medical director of British Public Health,  Yvonne Doyle, said that the number of deaths in the second wave were higher than during the first wave.

In all in the UK, more than 84,700 people have died who had tested positive for COVID-19.

Meanwhile for the first time, the Nightingale hospital in London, built specifically for the pandemic, began admitting patients. More than 3 million people have become infected with Covid-19 in the UK and more than 30,000 patients have been admitted to hospitals for treatment, placing the national health system under incredible pressure.  British Health Minister Matt Hancock said that the Government is even considering using hotels.

“This would be for step-down patients who have been in hospital and no longer need full hospital treatment but aren’t quite ready to go home.”

In the UK, clinical trials on a new medicine for the treatment of Covid-19 have begun. The new medication, which is being tested at the Hull Royal Infirmary, is inhaled and goes right into the lungs. Preliminary trials in Southhampton indicated that this new medicine reduces the severity of the illness in patients and reduces the risk of death.

China registered the highest number of new Covid cases since 30 July despite the fact that lockdowns have been imposed on various cities. The health authorities reported 115 new cases in one day, the majority close to the capital of Beijing. 107 of the new cases were transmitted in the community.

Japan has extended its state of emergency in more districts in Tokyo until 7 February, because of an increase in new cases. The Japanese Government is trying to stop the transmission in bars and restaurants while urging people to stay home.

At the Vatican, Pope Francis was reported to have taken his first dose of the vaccine.

Indonesia has also begun inoculated its population against Covid-19 however it will not be vaccinating the elderly in the first phase. After the health care professionals, Indonesia will be inoculating people between 18 – 59.  The argument behind this strategy is that it makes more sense to vaccinate people who work because this gives the country a better chance to build up herd immunity.