Ukraine wins the Eurovision – Malta in 12th place – fourth place by jury votes

Ukraine won the 61st edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden. Ira Losco with the song ‘Walk on Water’ was classified in the 12th place with a total of 153 points. Ira won the fourth placing through the jury voting.

ukrajnaUkraine gathered 534 points with the song 1944 – a song on Stalin and Crimea. Australia classified in the second place with 511 points, while Russia which was the favourite to win this edition of the contest, was classified third with 491 points. For the first time, the votes of the jury were announced separately, while the televoting of 42 countries participating in the Eurovision were added together and were announced after the result of the jury. At that time Malta was in the fourth place. However, Malta was given only 16 points through the televoting.

It was a close contest till the end for this year’s title between Ukraine, Australia and Russia, with the latter receiving the largest amount of votes in the televoting with 361 points. However these votes were not enough to beat Ukraine’s points.

Ira Losco, who gave a brilliant performance of her song Walk on Water, sang in the 22 position among the 26 finalist singers.

In the jury votes, Malta received 10 points from Austria, 4 points from Icelands, 6 points from Azerbaijan, 3 points from San Marino, 6 points from the Czech Republic, 6 points from Spain, 5 points from Finland, 4 points from France, 3 points from Moldova, 8 points from Armenia, 6 points from Cyprus, 5 points from Belarus, 8 points from Russia, 4 points from Greece, 10 points from Serbia, 2 points from Albania, 2 points from Estonia, 5 points from Italy, 10 points from Hungary, 12 points from Montenegro and 7 p points from Sweden.

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