“Our children should enjoy an excellent education system from primary to tertiary level. “

Opposition and Nationalist Party Leader Bernard Grech met with the University Student Council, KSU, at Dar Centrali. During this meeting, Dr. Grech said that our children should enjoy an optimum education system from primary to tertiary level.

Dr Grech stressed that the Nationalist Party has always been a pioneer in the field of education and when it was in Government it increased possibilities for all those who wanted to learn so that everyone could attain personal fulfillment.

Dr Grech asked KSU what things were worrying students, with KSU President Matthew Xuereb replying that uncertainty was creating a lot of anxiety among students. Mr Xuereb said that KSU was working to prevent the recurrence of what happened last March when lessons went online and there were students who had nowhere to study from home.

The KSU President said that during the pandemic, with the help of the University chapel, a food bank was created for those students who were going through financial problems; and that work was underway to set up a solidarity fund that distributes money to students in need.