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UNESCO approves €10 million project at Mediterranean Conference Centre

UNESCO approved a €10 million project earmarked for the Mediterranean Conference Centre so that spaces at the building, which are not open to the public, will be now accessible and the visitor will be able to re-live the history of the building and its surroundings more than four hundred years ago.

The MCC roof will shortly be opened for the public to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Grand Harbour.

The Chief Executive of the Mediterranean Centre, Pierre Fenech, said that the roof and other parts of the building, including the hall under the Sacra Infermeria which until now were not accessible to the public, will be refurbished for the public’s enjoyment and with the use of a mobile or tablet visitors will once again experience how the hospital used to operate and information on strategic places in the area.

“By turning the mobile you will not only see the scenery but a guide appears to explain every place you are pointing at, who built it, why it was built and for what use and all the history”, Mr Fenech added.

He said that with the same technological means one can visually re-live the Santa Marija convoy or the Great Siege.

Addressing a press conference, Tourism Minister Edward Zammit Lewis said that the ten million euro project, of which half are financed by the EU and the rest by the Government and the Mediterranean Centre, has now been approved by UNESCO.

“We have a cultural-historical gem that needs to be preserved; we acquired a UNESCO certification that gives us a quality certification”, Minister Zammit Lewis said.

The Minister and MCC chief executive said that the project will be carried out with full respect to the building with the aim that it is completed by next year when Valletta City will be the European Capital of Culture.

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