Foreign Affairs

United Nations imposes sanctions on North Korea

The United Nations has imposed more sanctions on North Korea after the country carried out its sixth and biggest nuclear test.

These sanctions restrict North Korea from importing oil and exporting textiles. The aim is to reduce income for North Korea’s nuclear programme.

The United States had originally proposed harsher sanctions, including total prohibition of oil imports.

Russia and China, however, did not agree with the US proposal and reached a unanimous agreement, which translated into a unanimous vote after agreement was reached on less harsh sanctions.

The sanctions have not gone down well with North Korea, and it has warned that if the US keeps on insisting and pushing for harsher sanctions, it will ensure that the US will pay the price.

The new sanctions include  limitations on imports of oil and oil products, and prohitition of textile exports, which normally left a profit of some 584 million euro, and measures to limit North Korea’s marine operations.

The sanctions against North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, which had included freezing of his assets and a prohibition on travel, have been dropped.