University of Malta awarded €75,000 for Space Research

The space studies department will be awarded € 75,000 to carry out space-related research and experiments. This follows an agreement signed today between the University of Malta and the Ministry of Research and Innovation.

The University of Malta has a department that is completely dedicated to the study of space science and astronomy.

Through an agreement reached with the Ministry of Research and Innovation, this department will benefit from € 75,000 to carry out, among other things, innovative experiments.

The director of the department, Kristian Zarb Adami, explained that the exercise is based on the launch of a space bubble in the atmosphere about 40 kilometers above Malta, which will take samples from the Maltese atmosphere.

“For the time being we are studying how to launch things into space so that we can also study our atmosphere and see the chemical environment and the atmosphere above Malta, ie today part of this project specifically launched a space weather balloon. ”

From the funds € 25,000 will also be allocated for initiatives at the University of Malta to encourage young students and graduates to specialize in these studies and to propose projects in this field.

Minister for Innovation and Research Owen Bonnici said that space research was no longer considered science fiction, with collaborations with reputable universities and agencies had translated into progress and advances for Malta in this field. .

“Space is a great opportunity for human life to move forward. For instance, take satellites that are used for example to communicate the security of countries and we will make a strategy on space and how as country will move in the future when it comes to this sector. ”

Minister Bonnici said the Government was expected to announce the space strategy by the end of the year which is aimed at creating more opportunities for research and jobs in this field.