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Another success for University

The University of Malta has been classified among the top nine per cent of universities worldwide. The classification has been given by an international organisation which carried out an evaluation of 20,000 universities all over the world.

The Centre for World University rankings has classified the University of Malta among the top 8.9% of 20,000 universities. University Rector Professor Alfred Vella expressed satisfaction at this classification, remarking that this agency awards points to universities in a different manner.

“One of these is the quality of education, which everyone measures, but the way it is measured is different because for this agency the quality of education is good if your students end up working for prestigious companies as defined in Forbes lists. There are some 2,000 companies in the world, and if your students work for one of them they get high marks. The same goes for the quality of staff, teachers. It is not enough to have graduated with the highest degrees or doctorates; they would have to have won some prestigious award like a Nobel Prize or some other award for leading research.”

Professor Vella added that the University had qualified well despite its disadvantages, particularly in research, which although having increased, is still not sufficient because of shortage of funds.

“I was surprised because we have many disadvantages, the biggest being that funds for research are not on the high side. What we get from the EU helps us to carry out research, but as far as local funds are concerned, although they exist, they are not sufficient to compete with the best in class.”

In the Centre for World University Rankings survey, the University of Malta acquired 66.7 points, with particular emphasis on research, where the University placed among the top 8.4% worldwide.

Professor Vella stated that students benefit from these results, not only by knowing their University is highly placed, but because it helps them when they seek jobs, as they are offered prestigious posts with good salaries.



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