University of Malta says it will find solution for graduation ceremonies to be held this year

After the University of Malta listened to the complaints of students and their relatives following the news that graduation ceremonies would be postponed, it said that it would try to find a solution for them to be held when they should be.

Yesterday the University announced that the graduations which were meant to be held in November and December will be postponed to next year because of the uncertainties related to COVID-19. The University Rector, Prof Alfred Vella said that the Senate had decided that the thanksgiving Mass and the ceremonies will be held in February and March according to the public health situation.

This decision led to a heated debate between students who have just finished their course successfully and were looking forward to graduating. They noted that despite the fact that their graduation was being postponed, the preparations for the new academic year had continued, with Television Malta confirming with the Pro-Rector of the Unversity that as long as there are no unexpected circumstances, the academic year would start in October.

Meanwhile, in a statement, the University said that it would be trying to find a solution for the ceremonies to be held between November and December 2020 so that students can celebrate their achievements this year.

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