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University research may solve police efforts to identify a person on CCTV

A University of Malta research may be the answer to the problem that Police face when they need to identify a person during investigations involving the use of video footage from security cameras. This research has led a group of researchers to create a computer program which will provide clear pictures of footage elevated by Police to trace persons who appear in the video.

Results which emerged from the current research provide good prospects that a person’s face is identified through the Deep-FIR program which uses artificial intelligence.

The researchers have communicated with Malta and foreign Police Forces, including in the U.K., Slovenia and The Netherlands to inquiry about their necessities while an investigation is ongoing and involves the use of footage taken from CCTV.

The Deep-FIR project research is being done in collaboration between the Engineering and ICT faculties of the University of Malta, through a €200,000 financial assistance given by the Malta Council for Science and Technology. The project is expected to be concluded within one and a half years.