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University research on technological systems used for patients treatment

Researchers at the University of Malta are developing technological systems for a better distribution of resources and less time waisting during the patients treatment process. The project, with a €60,000 funding by the University, is also aimed at the prevention of new disease cases and their treatment.

The lecturer leading the research, Dr Lalit Gargg, from the Faculty of Technoloogy and Informatics, said that during the treatment and patients care there are stages that may be characterized by delays and bad distribution of resources. These may be avoided as the researchers concluded that they are partially attributed to informatic systems which are not sufficiently effective.

“We can develop simulations to see the impact of various policy decisions and various interventions tio improve our healthcare services.”

Dr Garg said that the researchers are developing a technological system with the use of blockchain and the coding of computers, aimed at solving technical difficulties during the scheduling of appointments and admissions in hospitals and health centres.

He explained that the project is also aimed that, with the use of technology, it predicts on factors which are possibly contibutory to disease conditions and better patient treatments.

“What are the various factors affecting diseases their spread, outbreak and progress, for instance whether pollution, there might be some other factors such as alleviation, chemicals and viruses, bacteria, all these are interrelated with each other so if we have a system where we can have forecasting of previous warnings and future diseases, as well as we know how many patients we might expect or a least we know how much healthcare resources we require.”

The project was one of four projects in the fields of natural science, engineering, informatic treatment, architecture and arts which benefited from €60,000 each from the University’s research funds.