University students can visit Heritage Malta sites and museums for free

Students who are reading for a degree at the University of Malta will now be able to visit the sites and museums which fall under Heritage Malta for free. This was after an agreement was signed between the two entities to strengthen the relations between them by launching a number of initiatives related to research on cultural heritage.

With this strategic partnership Heritage Malta and the University of Malta will be pulling the same rope for prospective research projects. This was after an agreement was signed so that their separate resources can be more accessible to researchers at Heritage Malta as well as students.

Among various initiatives, the two entities have agreed to share their resources, such as libraries and technological equipment so that employees and students will have complete access to a wider collection of knowledge.

During a press conference, the CEO of Heritage Malta, Noel Zammit, explained that through this agreement, Heritage Malta will be passing on a number of ideas for historical research. He announced that the Heritage Malta passport scheme will be extended to University students.

“We are giving access to every student, irrelevant from which faculty they come, so that they can visit our sites and museums for free. It is as if have extended the Heritage Malta passport to the University as well.”

The University Rector, Prof Alfred Vella expressed his satisfaction with this agreement to help expand academic knowledge in this field.

The Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar said that this is the first step out of many which need to be made to build research which can then be interpreted.  He said it is fundamental for the Heritage Malta sites not to be just centres for artefacts but for them to be transformed into centres for discussion and an exchange of ideas between visitors.