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Unusual items on show at Mount Carmel hospital

Some 1,500 items are presently being exhibited at Mount Carmel hospital, mainly vehicles in different shapes and sizes. The exhibition, however, also includes a variety of unusual items. TVM took a look at some of the items which are unique to Malta.

Steampunk Art is a form of science-fiction art which combines technology with aesthetics to create eye-catching models.

Artist Maurice Vella pointed out a television set which has long ceased to function, but which has been adapted to something totally different.

Besides artistic talent, one also needs some knowledge of engineering. In this case Maurice Vella positioned a dvd player to project a Charlie  Chaplin film from the ‘silent’ era onto the tv screen. Using items like valves, parts from an old bedstead, other parts from a gas heater and a radar part from an old vessel, among other items, Maurice Vella created a handsome object which actually works.

Works by Steampunk Art are part and parcel of the annual Die Cast and Scale Model Society exhibition at Mount Carmel hospital. On show are some 1,600 models in metal, many of them vehicles, some of which have been purchased ready made, others built by hand. One particular section shows Malta Police vehicles, another section shows construction vehicles, yet another is devoted to the James Bond series when James Bond was interpreted by Roger Moore, who died in May this year.

With over 140 vehicles and nearly 100 models on show, there is also a model of a complete circus, the work of Club President Alan Saliba. Mr Saliba points out that the circus is unique in Malta. His idea started 22 years ago, when his father had gone to E England, and came back with the idea of building a model and starting a club to be able to hold this annual exhibition at this time of year.

Another attraction shows a model of an oil rig pulled by two tug boats which are worked by radio control; also on show are old buses and other vehicles used in bygone trades. There is also a model of the Malta airport, complete with planes.

The exhibition remains open until Republic Day.