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Up until recently he was going to commit suicide – but now he wants to save others

A transexual young man, aged 24, who up to a few weeks ago was contemplating suicide, wants to open a support centre for those going through similar dark moments. Ethan Cuschieri said that people who for one reason or other have mental problems, feel that no one will understand them.

At the age of four, Ethan Cuschieri was adopted as a four-year-old girl from Romania by a Maltese couple. Ethan says that while he feels lucky to have been adopted, the fact that he will never know who his biological parents are has affected him. Ethan said that up to a few weeks ago he was thinking of committing suicide and that these thoughts had often occurred to him.

“When you end up alone, the mental pain becomes a physical pain because the mind cannot take it any more.”

Ethan said that those who have never gone through such moments cannot understand how it feels.

“It is like a great pressure on your back which you cannot get rid of and whatever you do you cannot find peace.”

Ethan has a diploma in health and social care from MCAST and his dream is to open a support centre for those who suffer from challenges such as his.

“My aim is to create a special place which can welcome people with open doors so that a person can go from zero to hero.”

Ethan, who has a five-year-old son, says that when he looks at his son he feels hope that tomorrow life will be much better than it was yesterday.

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