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UPDATE: Court orders works at Villa Ignatius

The Planning Authority has confirmed in a statement that the remedial works carried out at Villa Ignatius in St Julians had to be carried out within 60 days of the Court’s sentence handed down in June 22nd this year.

The Authority granted a permit so that remedial works are carried out within the time stipulated by the Court. Works carried out during the weekend were not covered by any permit.

The Authority said in its statement that all the works will be carried out under the scrutiny of a Court expert who will submit a report, for record purposes, to the Authority on the progress of works.

Reacting to the Planning Authority’s statement, the Chamber of Architects together with FAA and Sliema Heritage Society expressed their concern and appealed to the authorities concerned for a more resolute and effective response towards the protection of the country’s historical heritage.

The Chamber, NGOs and Din l-Art Ħelwa expressed their concern on the fact that part of the villa will be demolished with the approval issued under LN 258 of 2002 and maintained that the current works go beyond the Court’s order.

They stressed that the Planning Authority is obliged to stop these works.

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