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UPDATE: Magistrate Anthony Vella replaces Scerri Herrera in Caruana Galizia’s murder inquiry

Magistrate Anthony Vella has been assigned by the Chief Justice to lead the inquiry into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

In a decision early this morning, Magistrate Scerri Herrera recused herself from the inquiry, saying that justice has not only to be done, but is seen being done.

On Monday everning, relatives of Caruana Galizia presented a petition in Court demanding that Magistrate Scerri Herrera abstains from the inquiry as they have no confidence in her. In the past, Magistrate Scerri Herrera was targeted in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s writings.

Meanwhile, the Nationalist Party said in a statement it respects Magistrate Scerri Herrera’s decision, however it expected that this should have been taken immediately, while the party referred to the state of the Police and the Army.

Reacting, the Labour Party said it is regrettable that the Nationalist Party is choosing what it described as the irresponsible way at a delicate moment, and added that it welcomes the government’s efforts to increase resources for the investigation.




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