Update: Man killed at train station knife attack in Germany

German prosecutors are interrogating a 27-year old German, identified only as Paul H. in connection with the attack early this morning at a train station in Munich. Media reports said that the man had psychological problems and drug addiction. A 50-year old man died in hospital after being seriously wounded in the attack together with three other people who were assaulted with a knife at the station.

The attack occurred just before 5.00 am in the Grafing station when the man, according to witnesses, shouted ‘Allahu akbar’ and produced a knife with a 10 centimetre blade and assaulted people at the train station.

The aggressor was arrested at the station and identified as Paul H. German Police authorities are suspecting that the aggressor’s attack had political motives inspired by Islam. They have also to establish if the incident was a terrorist attack.