Update: Man robbed of 11,500 euro on way to his field in St Paul’s Bay

47-year-old Mario Vella, a resident of Imgarr, was assaulted and robbed of a considerable amount of cash when he was on his way to his field in Burmarrad Road, St Paul’s Bay.

tvm.com.mt is informed that Vella had left his home in Imgarr and was intending to stop at his field to pick up some items before proceeding to Sicily because of his flower business. When Vella got to the corner before the entrance to his field he saw a suspicious-looking vehicle, which he described as a blue Mazda.

Three men carrying torches suddenly got out of the car. They allegedly started shouting that they were Police officers, and ordered Vella to stop. Vella complied, as he thought that the men were really Police officers, but one of the robbers attacked him and started hitting him on his head and face with a hard object.

The men demanded Vella’s wallet, which contained 1,500 euro. One of the men got into the victim’s car and took a bag in which there were another 10,000 euro in cash. The robbers then fled the scene.
Vella filed a report at Mosta Police station at about  4.30 a.m., and when he proceeded to Mosta Polyclinic was certified to be suffering from injuries of a grievous nature.

Duty Magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo was informed and ordered an inquiry with a number of experts to assist. Police investigations are ongoing.


The field where the man was mugged