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UPDATE: PM and Mrs Muscat give evidence in Court

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and his wife Michelle this morning gave their evidence in court in the magisterial inquiry, requested by Dr Muscat, on allegations made against them in connection with Egrant company.

In comments to the media outside the court building at the end of the hearing, Dr Muscat said that he and his wife testified to clear their names from what he called as dirt alleged against them.

He added that they appeared before the inquiring Magistrate and gave the information that was requested from them, and told the truth. He also said that he hopes that the court concludes its work in the shortest time so that their names will be cleared.

Meanwhile, a crowd gathered outside the court building and expressed its support to the Prime Minister.

During this morning’s hearing before magistrate Aaron Bugeja, the Prime Minister’s Office Chief of Staff, Mr Keith Schembri, also gave his testimony.

Asked by TVM on whether he will publish the report of the current magisterial inquiry, the Prime Minister said he will request the Attorney General that once he is presented with the report, he will publish it.