Update: Two Policemen injured during Cospicua brawl

A Police sergeant was grievously injured and a constable suffered slight injuries, both members of the Rapid Intervention Unit, when this afternoon they tried to stop a brawl at Cospicua.

The Police said in a statement that it was called to intervene in the fight that erupted at around 4.50 pm in the area of St Paul’s fortification. Members of the Rapid Intervention Unit went immediately on site where they found that the situation had calmed down, but all of a sudden, three brothers aged 18, 24 and 29 years resident at Cospicua, started arguing again and therefore the Police intervened to stop the fight. At this moment, the persons involved fell on the Police sergeant, while another IRU constable was also injured during the argument.

An ambulance took the policemen to Mater Dei hospital, where the sergeant was certified to be suffering from grievous injuries, while the constable was treated for slight injuries.

The three brothers were arrested as investigations are continuing.