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UPDATE(1): PM announces building of another 500 social housing units

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced another investment in social housing. He said that the Government requested the national fund for social development so that from the funds saved in the citizenship investment programme, it will give €50 million for the building of another 500 housing units for those in need. He stated that this is an added project with another one of €58 million with which 680 apartments are being built.

Dr Muscat said that the Government will build modern forms of social housing to offer hope for families who need assistance to have a social accommodation. He added that those who already have accommodation do not pretend to take what others haven’t, and those who do not own a residence will be assisted to stand on their feet.

Dr Muscat stated that this will be the first Government that, with courage, will not let the rent market in its current jungle state. He said that there will be stability in prices and certainty in the market with rights and duties to owners and tenants. He made it clear that the Government’s proposal will be to create a balance and social justice.

Addressing a mass meeting at Tritons Square, the Prime Minister stated that the Labour movement is the only one that knows where it is heading, while others are driven according to the wind. He said that the Movement is not afraid of foreigners, wants a cosmopolitan country and is working so that the people are richer and equal.

The Labour leader stated that a year ago he faced the biggest political lie in the country’s history and a year after not one word uttered against him has been substantiated. He added that he sustains those words he said because he has nothing to fear when he said that, if something is found against him or his wife, he will assume responsibility and leaves. He stated that someone else is refusing to assume responsibility and is hiding behind the matter.

Dr Muscat referred to the achievements in various sectors through which the people are benefiting with jobs, the surplus and reduction in poverty, among others. He said that the country is moving forward with a bigger rhythm than before, while others are moving backwards. The Prime Minister stated that this Government is not arrogant and learns from mistakes. He added that it is a government of justice and mentioned various reforms to strengthen the institutions, including on money laundering and parliamentary scrutiny of certain appointments.

The Prime Minister stated that the Government will continue with reforms, including with amendments to IVF legislation which he said give a greater chance to those who have the privilege to become parents. He asked the crowd whether it is ready to close its eyes and ears to the cry of that woman who wants to be a mother or a man who wants to be a father. He stressed that he will not abandon this minority and whoever describes couples who want children as selfish has not understood anything.

He said the principal call of the Government is unity and appealed for the hand of friendship to everyone, even to others who said they want division and hate.

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