UPDATED: Adrian Delia loses confidence vote but says he will remain PN leader

The Leader of the Nationalist Party has lost the voice of confidence taken by the Parliamentary Group following a meeting which lasted five hours.  However, in a press conference immediately afterwards at around 2am this morning, Dr Delia said he will not be resigning and that today he will go back to the office just like any other working day as Opposition Leader and Leader of the PN.

Dr Delia said: “I will go back into work on Wednesday with more enthusiasm than ever before as PN and Opposition Leader and continue to fight the corruption and criminality which has gripped our country under the Labour Party.”

During a secret vote on the motion put forward by MP Chris Said and seconded by Therese Comodini Cachia, 19 MPs voted that they had no confidence in Dr Delia while 11 voted in his favour.  The vote took place during the meeting which was called by Dr Delia himself following a report in the The Sunday Times of Malta which said there were Whats App messages between Yorgen Fenech and Adrian Delia,  although Dr Delia said the confidence vote was not connected to the report.

During the press conference, Dr Delia said that while respecting the MPs vote, the vote of the party members who showed confidence in him should be respected because the PN cannot give the message that those who voted do not have a voice. He said that he had asked for the vote not to be secret, so that the MPs would shoulder their responsibility.

Dr Delia sad that the MPs did not go to the President to remove him from Opposition Leader and the party statute makes it clear that the leader should be chosen by the card-carrying party members (tesserati). He added that he had called for an Executive Council meeting to take place to discuss the way forward.

He said that once the MPs had chosen not to remove the Opposition Leader, he expects them to work harder than ever before for the party and the country.

Asked by TVM whether during the meeting he had denied having any communication with Yorgen Fenech as reported by The Sunday Times, Dr Delia said that he had gone to the Police Commissioner and an inquiry had been opened.  “Yesterday I asked the Commissioner, as Leader of the Opposition, to open an investigation immediately about the illegality which has taken place in my regard, to try and undermine my role. I am informed that there was already an inquiry underway after I filed the report which will be very detailed and in-depth, about this issue.”

Meanwhile, as soon as the MPs began emerging from the PN HQ, and the result became known, supporters who were gathered outside began insulting the MPs, with some of them throwing their membership cards in front of the main door of the party HQ.

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