UPDATED: Cabinet to discuss the decriminalisation of cannabis up to a certain amount

Cabinet today will be discussing a White paper for the decriminalisation of cannabis up to a certain amount.

This was announced by PM Robert Abela in his introductory speech during a meeting which the Cabinet is holding today inside the General Worker’s Union in the presence of high-ranking union officials.

Dr Abela spoke about the work of the Government in the light of current challenges. He said that the measures which were taken show that the Government has kept the interest of workers at the centre of its policies,  and has avoided the policy of austerity.

He also mentioned how unemployment has continued to go down and is now almost at the same levels as we had prior to the pandemic. He referred to the economic figures after some of the measures, including the wage supplement which cost the Government €366 million, as well as the 16 collective agreements signed with the public sector.

Dr Abela said that the Government was here today to draft an updated employment policy. He added that the Government has its principles, however it is always ready to listen to all the social partners.

He also said that the Government will continue rewarding hard work to ensure a balance between a life of dignity and work. He referred to the rent reform announced on Saturday which he described as another measure which shows that the Government has managed to put into place a just reform which gives peace of mind.

In a presentation given to the Cabinet, the GWU Secretary General Josef Bugeja highlighted the principles that the union believes should form the basis of the Government’s policies when it comes to workers and jobs.

He said that social policy needs to address various pending issues including platform work which he described as the new type of precarious employment. He also mentioned the need for transparency in salaries which has long been inexistent in certain industries including financial services.

Mr Bugeja said that the pandemic has shown the importance of being a member of a union and reiterated the proposal that it should be automatic.