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UPDATED: Consultant considers Malta has best scrutiny in citizenship through investment

The general consultant of multi-national firm Thomson Reuters has stated that Malta is the best model for citizenship through investment as regards due diligence, so much so that it should supervise other countries. Reacting to this comment, Identity Malta said it was prepared to take on this role.

In an interview with Investment Migration Insider, consultant Peter S. Vincent said he was concerned at the way the price war in the Caribbean was having an effect on standards of due diligence in the region. In this context, Mr Vincent stated that Malta on the other hand was a textbook example of how effective and trustworthy scrutiny should be carried out.

“If we are looking for a model, not only in the European Union but also anywhere in the world, I look at a country like Malta,” Mr Vincent stated, adding that Malta should start considering looking beyond its shores so that it can supervise other countries in terms of scrutiny, including those in the Caribbean which are still in the process of developing their programmes.

In a statement, Identity Malta recognised that it has a great opportunity for a major role in forming an approach to scrutiny which will be standardised. Identity Malta added that blockchain technology should be exploited, with all parts joining forces in order to set up standards in this sector which provide peace of mind.

The agency confirmed that it is prepared to take on a major role in this sector, and it will be working with its partners towards this aim.

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