UPDATED: European leaders impressed by fact that Malta is first EU country to reach herd immunity

Talks between European leaders, including Prime Minister Robert Abela, have been concluded, during a special meeting of the European Council following a night of talks on the Belarus plane hijacking.

The European leaders also turned their attention to other issues, including the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change and the imminent vaccination roll-out within the European Union.

The European Union has enough vaccines to be able to vaccinate 70% of its population against Covid-19 by the end of July.

In comments to TVM,  PM Robert Abela said that European countries are impressed by the fact that Malta is the first EU country to have reached herd immunity. He said that having 70% of the EU vaccinated represents another step towards normality for European countries.

While European leaders are boosting vaccination programs in their countries, member states are aware that the efforts they are making could be in vain if a new variant of the virus emerges, as has happened with the Indian variant.

In fact, the European Union is working hard to give no less than 100 million free vaccines to less developed countries such as India so that by the end of they year they can also control the spread of the virus.

Discussions are also focused on what is being called the European Union’s green certificate which will serve as a ‘passport’ for safe travel between European countries.

Climate change and how the European Union will meet its carbon-free target by 2050 were also on the agenda. The PM reiterated Malta’s commitment to reduce 55% of emissions within the next nine years. Dr Abela also spoke about the need for a national study on the economic, environmental and social impact of these measures on every sector especially on small countries such as Malta.

Earlier, the European Union stated that it would ban Belarusian aircraft from flying into European airspace while promising more economic sanctions on the country. European leaders also called for the immediate release of the Belarusian journalist who is currently in prison in his country.