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UPDATED: First lot of security paper for new Maltese passports has been printed

The Maltese passport document will be changed. In preparation for this development, the printing of the first lot of security paper to be used for the printing of the Maltese passport was completed at the De La Rue company in the United Kingdom.

A statement by the Parliamentary Secretariat for Reforms, Citizenship and Administrative Process Simplification said that when the change enters into force, there will be no additional payment on the existing tariffs for new passports. It was pointed out that the existing documents will remain valid and are changed with the new ones on expiry.

Parliamentary Secretary Julia Farrugia Portelli said that the new passports will be issued gradually later on this year.

“There will be gradual changes of the passports for Maltese and Gozitan citizens in the coming months as each passport approaches its expiry date. The  new security elements and the cultural elements which represent and unite the Maltese will be present in the new passport”.

During a visit at the De La Rue factory which prints the security paper, Parliamentary Secretary Farrugia Portelli was accompanied by officials of Identity Malta agency. The security paper will be exported to Malta, which will be followed by the printing of the new passport document in the Malta factory. The new passport will include an electronic chip attached in it to verify the document holder’s identity.

A new feature in the travel document is the inside pages design with scenes that portray the Maltese cultural identity and heritage. Identity Malta said that the images are not only meant for aesthetics but include security elements against falsifications.


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