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UPDATED: Għadira bay changes into promotional stunt for ‘Rockestra’

People who were at Għadira bay this morning were concerned when at around 11am they saw a helicopter circling the bay, and began asking if something serious had happened.

TVM can confirm that there was no emergency, but the real reason for the presence of the helicopter was not immediately clear.

Shortly after the helicopter was seen, a structure which had been set up on the sand was uncovered and turned out to be a stage.

A band started performing and shortly afterwards it was learned that this was a promotional stunt for the Rockestra festival, with the participation of 20 musicians from the National Philharmonic Orchestra.

The musicians are under the direction of musical director Sigmund Mifsud, while the artistic direction is in the hands of Paul Borg Bonaci.

Today’s mini concert was just a taste of what audiences can expect during Rockestra on 28 September in aid of  the MCCFF.

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