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UPDATED: “It was only by God’s grace that I did not end up as dust like those stones” – resident

Late last night at around 10.40pm, three apartments which are next to a construction site collapsed in Guardamangia Hill. TVM is informed that no one was injured despite the fact that people live in these apartments.

As soon as the building started to collapse, a great commotion broke out in the area when the loud noise of falling stones was heard, startling the neighbours. A head count was taken to establish whether all the residents had managed to escape from the building safe and sound.

The zone was evacuated because of the danger as stone blocks began falling from the apartments. Police from the Hamrun district were called to the scene together with Supt Joe Hersey and Inspector Robert Vella, as well as Police from the Rapid Intervention Unit.

As time went on more employees from the Department of Civil Protection started to arrive to check whether there was a risk that the buildings would continue to collapse as the apartments clearly had a number of cracks in their walls.

Enemalta employers also arrived on the scene to check whether there was a danger to residents who live near the collapsed building because of electric wires which may have been affected by the accident.

TVM is informed that luckily, the people who live in the apartments did not happen to be in the parts which collapsed.

As soon as they felt the tremors, the inhabitants all fled towards the stairs and went out of the apartment block entrance. A resident told TVM “it is only by the grace of God that I did not end up as dust like those stones”.

It is still not yet known what caused the building to collapse.  Police investigations are ongoing.


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