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Updated: Mizzi and Schembri deny kickbacks allegations

In separate statements, both Keith Schembri and Minister Konrad Mizzi denied the latest allegations against them.

In a statement Minister Mizzi described The Malta Independent report as an outright lie. He said that the report is a coordinated story in the latest attempt by Simon Busuttil to win the election by exerting fear and mud throwing. Dr Mizzi reiterated that his company Hearnville, from its opening till closure, never had a bank account not even in Dubai and never received funds from anywhere.

In another statement, Prime Minister’s chief of staff Keith Schembri denied he ever received any commission or kickbacks in his Government position. He stated he always denied these false accusations because he said this is the truth.

Mr Schembri said he has faced for more than a year a coordinated dirty campaign against him and added that the latest accusation against him is a criminal fabrication. He accused Dr Busuttil who, in his thirst for power, is threatening the country’s economic future and the basic principle of justice.

Earlier, a FIAU statement referred to a report published in the Malta Independent online, entitled “Proof of Kickbacks to Mizzi and Schembri from LNG tanker”. The anti-money laundering agency denied the existence of any conclusive report or results alleged in the newspaper report.


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