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UPDATED: MUT issues directive to school counsellors – Ministry’s reaction

The Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) has announced a set of directives which shall come into force next Monday, and which affects counsellors, career advisers, youth workers, resource workers, and others.

In a statement, the MUT said that these directives were issued, after they were given an ultimatum by the Ministry of Education and the Secretariat for Catholic Education for the conditions of these workers to be improved.

The MUT said that the lack of recognition by the authorities toward these professions were leading many to resign, with the result that schools were suffering from a lack of staff, and therefore the needs students were not being addressed.

The directives include, but are not limited, to stop work on the “My Journey” scheme, no submissions of reports, no communication with management, and no work on new cases.

Meanwhile, the Education and Labour Ministry said that MUT continued to object to the Ministry’s proposals so that support services workers benefit from a better financial package than the current one. It stated that the workers may enjoy promotions in their post in less years than that proposed by MUT, and are upgraded to new scales that are currently unreachable.

It added that the workers can also benefit from a new class allowance which varies between €1,000 and €1,500 a year and another allowance for development that varies between between €625 and €725 a year.

The Ministry said that the MUT actions will affect new series of cases of abuse, suicide, psychological and emotional cases, and others. It therefore requested the union to reconsider the directives.

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