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UPDATED: Player injured at Mosta ground during U-17 football match

Young player Kyle Bartolo sustained injuries in an incident at the Mosta ground this morning, during an Under-17 game  between Valletta and San Gwann, valid for the Youth FA championship. is informed that the player was injured after hitting a glass pane at the start of the second half of the game which had started at 8.30 a.m., with the result at the time being 1-0 in favour of San Gwann.

According to on-site witnesses a Valletta FC player pushed the San Gwann player when they were both close to the outball line under the spectator stands. As a result Bartolo hit against the glass pane, and the San Gwann player eneded up losing consciousness for some time.

A team colleague, goalkeeper Jake Pisani, administered first aid to Bartolo by turning him on his side in the recovery position. On facebook, San Gwann FC also thanked one of the mothers, who they wrote was one of the first to assist Bartolo.

The game had to be suspended for 20 minutes until  the arrival of an ambulance and Police, who were summoned to the scene.

Meanwhile the Valetta FC coach contacted this site and stated that no player had pushed another player, but what had happened was that both players had jumped together for the ball, and one of the players lost his balance as a result. The coach criticised the fact that the distance between the ground boundary and the glass panes is less than two metres, adding that this was not the first such incident.

At this stage the Police stated they had only been informed that a player had sustained an injury during the game.





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