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UPDATED: PN Administrative Council declares its confidence in Adrian Delia

The PN Administrative Council met on Wednesday evening and unanimously declared its complete confidence and its support to the party Leader, Dr Adrian Delia, while categorically condemning what it described as the coordinated and malicious attacks which are being made against him and the party.

In a statement, it was stated that among the matters which were discussed, the council also approved a number of new candidates for the upcoming local councils in May.

Meanwhile, in a pre-recorded interview on Dissett, Dr Delia declared that he enjoys the confidence of 90% of the PN committees and does not feel he needs to ask for a vote of confidence from the General Council.

“I will not ask for any vote of confidence until I feel that support for me has been drastically reduced. From what I can feel and the way I am weighing things at the moment, more than 90% of sectional committees in Malta and Gozo gave me a vote of confidence out of their own volition.”

Dr Delia said that he has no problem if someone wants to follow the statute and collect signatures for a vote of no confidence.

Asked whether the allegations against him should be investigated by the Commissioner of Standards, Dr Delia said that he does not know whether there is an investigation.  “The fact is that I am not being investigated by the Police as far as I know, nor by the Commissioner of Standards nor by anyone else”.

When he was asked whether he agrees that the sentence handed down by Judge Giovanni Grixti was described as “unbelievable” by MP Simon Busuttil, Dr Delia said that this did not make any difference legally. “If you have a situation where a Judge took a decision and this decision is binding, any adjective ascribed to this sentence has no legal weight.”

Dr Delia said that Dr Busuttil is looking for other avenues to continue the case on the Panama Papers and if he wants the support of the party he can ask for it.

In the second half of the programme, the situation of Dr Delia and the PN was analysed by Dr Franco Debono, political analyst Godfrey Grima and opinion columnist Josanne Cassar.

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