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Ursula von der Leyen presents her visions

The unity of EU Member Countries and the promulgation of European values were the brunt of the visions presented by German Ursula von der Leyen which she addressed to the EU Parliament.

In a 30-minute address which observers stated was aimed at covering the likes of many political groups, among other matters she said a Commission led by her will promulgate equality to ensure that the numbers of male and female Commissioners will be equal.

She referred to her aims regarding climate change, including that the EU achieves being carbon neutral by 2050 through enforcement, that the EU reduces emissions by 55% by 2030 and a carbon border tax be introduced to cover emissions.

“To make it happen I will put forward a Green Deal for Europe in my first 100 days in office”, she said.

She said she wants to introduce a scheme to address unemployment and added that every person in employment should have a minimum wage that provides a decent living.

Regarding Brexit, Von der Leyen said she favours that an extension be given for Britain to exit the EU so that, according to her, there will be a greater chance to achieve agreements against a background of disapproval from the Brexit Party.

On the question of immigration and asylum she said there should be a new pact so that frontier countries receive aid while she urged that the Dublin Reform should once more be activated.

She said there should be a qualified majority for foreign policy while as to the Rule of Law this was not subject to any compromises.

Von der Leyen said the large technology giants should be taxed and not allowed to only exploit education and Europe’s infrastructure, among other things.

Meanwhile, Malta’s MEPS Miriam Dalli who leads the Labour Party delegation and Roberta Metsola who leads the PN Delegation, also expressed their opinions of Ursula von der Leyen.


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